Cash Cannons: Will it Work for You?

by modman on March 4, 2013


What is a Cash Cannon?

A ‘Cash Cannon’ is a compelling sales video that entices people into buying any product or service you are offering. Read my detailed description of the course that claims to teach you how to make one.

There are so many products around claiming to help you make money online and it’s often difficult to discover what they contain, how they relate to your particular case and whether they have any value. Cash Cannons is one of them.
The details are in the article below so if you want to know what it is all about, read on.

What is Cash Cannons?

Created by Michael Cheney, this is a new training course that aims to show you exactly how you can make money online using video. Michael shows you how to make and use targeted videos to promote a variety of products. These can be affiliate products, physical or digital or your own products.

Why Video?

Over the last few years the importance of video marketing has leapt. This is true for marketers of all types business including Internet Marketers and traditional Stores.

Why? -because video is everywhere. The number of users who are watching videos online is huge. Well over 800 million unique users visit YouTube every month.
Many Internet Marketers who traditionally relied on search engine optimization to rank their websites have been hit hard by the Panda and Penguin updates. Now that you are seeing videos dominate the top of the search engine results, it is important to include them in your marketing campaigns.

Is this a complete Course?

The course is designed to take the student through every stage of the process with detailed instructions that show how to find products to sell, how the videos are made including planning your video for style, presentation and content as well as creating and editing them. The course covers aspects of website design, payment processing, driving traffic to your offers, where to show the videos and how to get, and keep, customers.

Included is advice and examples for writing sales scripts, equipment and resources you may need, as well as information on marketing your own products and setting up your own affiliate program.

Once inside, the members area is easy to navigate.
You can download the instructional videos an MP3 audio and a PDF transcript of each video. There are checklists with steps for action at every stage that help to keep you on track as you progress through the course.

Can you make money on YouTube?

The videos can be used to harness the power of YouTube for your marketing, and methods for auto pilot profit, getting traffic and the full potential of the system are explained in Cash Cannons.

Click for more details here.

Advice on equipment and software.

Some equipment and software is, or may be, required for this course, but you can choose what to use according to your needs, finances and level of experience.

Who is Michael Cheney?

Michael began his career in internet marketing in 1995. He later became a consultant providing internet marketing training in the UK. Over the years his reputation has grown as a creator of successful internet coaching programs an he has spoken at Internet conferences around the world. His style is well-known to be exciting, dynamic and fun. Students report that he tries to make you feel at ease, and to help you realize that making money can be fun and also easy.

What do you get?

The course contains:

  • 17 training video modules – step by step formula
  • pdf transcripts of every module and an audio of every module
  • An audio recording of the whole course.
  • A pdf manual / guide
  • A video walk-through and script that can be copied.
  • 17 Step by Step check lists
  • Daily assignments to complete.
  • Two sales video scripts

You will also receive –
Access to software.
A List of words and phrases.

What others have said about the course

“Putting it simply, Cash Cannons works, and works well”
“a very clear and easy to follow step by step training system”
“results were amazing”
” at first the pdfs alone were somewhat confusing – the videos are a must and make everything clear”

Is it Easy for Newbies?

You will need to put in the time and work, it is not a ‘magic button’ but everything is ‘Step by Step’ and you can take it at your own pace.

If you are interested in Video marketing as part of your marketing plan, this could well be the course for you. If you do plan on trying thisĀ  – Here are the things you need to know:

The Offer opened on 4th March 2013

How much does it cost? $47
BUT Michael will be
deleting this offer permanently
Midnight on Wednesday the 13th of March 2013.
So there is a time limit on this price or in getting in at all.

Click here to check out the Official Cash Cannons website for updates.

Cash Cannons


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